First Appointment

Prior to your initial appointment with Dr Selvan, please organise a referral letter from your doctor or specialist (NHS or private), preferably sent on to Dr Selvan before your appointment.  This will enable her to have access to important information including a summary of your symptoms, medications and medical problems which will aid in the diagnosis of your condition.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr Selvan, please contact Dr Selvan’s PA on 07922 835 453 or email her at [email protected].

Before making your appointment

You should also bring any recent results including blood tests or scan reports/ discs or ask your doctor to forward these to Dr Selvan’s PA, as these may be relevant to your problem and can help in the diagnosis.

Medical insurance

If you have medical insurance, you should contact your insurers before your visit to confirm that you will be covered for your consultations. Your insurance company may issue you with a preauthorisation number or code, which you should record and bring with you, together with the insurance details, for your first consultation.